Hello my name is Dardan. I am a sophomore  and I am taking the class of IED. I have had a lot of fun in IED class. The first thing I learned was how to draw Point Of View drawings. Now every time I look at an object from any view I know how the other views will look like. Another thing I have learned in IED is how to use Google SketchUp. You can do many things in this program. For example build things in 3D. As you can see I have published some of my works from the program under Computer Aided Drafting. Another program i worked with in IED was excel. I think people should use it more often. I really enjoyed working with excel because it computes numbers for you. I really enjoyed taking IED as one of my classes this year. Hopefully for next school year I plan on taking P.O.E.

PLTW Portfolio D. Dullovi